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Why is Having An Interactive Digital Campaign Important Today?

Why is Having An Interactive Digital Campaign Important Today?
Elliot Marcell Tan

Elliot Marcell Tan

Co-founder of Start Something Studios

27 May 2022·5 min read

Digital nomad or not, you would’ve come across an interactive digital campaign at least once in your lifetime. Why? With the striking prevalence of technology in our daily lives, it’s hard to miss the “next biggest” marketing campaign by some of your favourite brands that are fighting to compete with elements of interactive digital marketing. 

Interactive marketing campaigns are essentially known for their customer-centric marketing strategies, with user experience tailored to consumers’ behaviour, preferences and expectations. Ranging from interactive storytelling, personalised content, to two-way interactions, these campaigns incorporate elements of giveaways, polls, gamified content, videos and emails.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why big brands are hopping onto the interactive digital marketing bandwagon: 

1. Digital media is convenient and more accessible

The number of internet users has been and is still growing exponentially, at an annual rate of 4.8% which amounts to 600,000 new users daily. The convenience and accessibility of digital media is a reality that brands should accept and more importantly, capitalise on.

With more than 500+ hours of content uploaded to Youtube every minute, the competition is definitely stiff. To stand out from the crowd, you need to appeal to the heart. Dumbledore is recognised as the all-time legendary teacher at Hogwarts because he appeals to the hearts of his students, understanding their struggles and pain points. Channelling your inner Dumbledore implies creating interactive elements to better engage and connect with your audience.

2. It engages your audience

Remember Bandersnatch and its seemingly infinite number of endings? The choose-your-own-adventure Netflix original film took the world by storm because of its unique way of engaging audiences through an interactive format. People are obsessed with personalised experiences, which makes it all the more important for your brand to leverage interactive digital experiences to spark interest around your brand and build your brand presence.

The interactive nature of such campaigns also allows you to capture and engage new audience segments by resonating with different target groups, pushing the right key message at the right time.

Engagement through your content is the first step, but from there, the possibilities of retargeting and re-engagement with your other brand messages become even greater.

3. Shareability of content

Interactive content has a shareability rate of 38% as compared to static content. This is due to how easily interactive content captures the attention of audiences. A unique and personalised experience spurs people to share their experiences with others, creating a shared experience that is both meaningful and valuable. As such, word-of-the-mouth is a natural outcome that drives brand awareness and enhances the credibility of your brand. As opposed to traditional advertising, consumers are more likely to rely on “personal endorsements” because there is that element of authenticity which fosters a sense of trust. As such, word-of-the-mouth is a natural outcome resulting in increased brand awareness.

Case in point: MSIG’s “Help Me Leh” interactive campaign

MSIG #HelpMeLeh Campaign

MSIG’s “Help Me Leh” campaign is a brilliant example of an interactive digital campaign as it integrates an interesting localised storyline, a choose-your-own-adventure format and a contest, to educate audiences on the importance of insurance coverage. The story is based on a character called Chris, whose choices between his mother and wife are dependent on the viewers. Upon completion of each storyline, viewers learn about the importance of various types of insurance in different situations and are eligible to participate in a sure-win contest if all seven storylines are completed.

What differentiates this campaign from the rest is its personalised experience that many Singaporeans can empathise with and the digestibility of information on a topic that may not be easily understood.

Moving forward

Interactive digital campaigns are here to stay, and we’re constantly finding new avenues to express key brand messages to our audiences online. Whether through an interactive game, a choose-your-own-adventure style video experience, or even a customised campaign website, audiences are looking for novel ways to interact with your brand. 

Interested in starting your own interactive digital campaign? Have a free coffee and chat with us here!

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