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MHC Diamond Designer

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MHC Diamond Designer

What Needed Solving

Following from the success of our previous project with them, the Malay Heritage Center wanted to expand on their interactive initiatives. Especially since it was difficult for people to physically visit their premises during the global pandemic, they wanted to tell the story of Singapore's very own Diamond Village in a fun and interactive way.

Our Role

Working with the artists and animators from CraveFX, we set out to build an experience where users could learn the rich history of Singapore's Malay heritage. Understanding that the target audience was primary school children. we consulted on the user interface and experience, making sure that the interactive elements told a fun, cohesive, and entertaining story. Users were brought on a journey to select, polish, and then craft jewellery out of their diamonds. We placed in easy-to-use sharing functions to go along so that users could post their diamond designs across social media.

For us, it's important that it worked seamlessly on desktop, tablets, and mobile screens, allowing more accessibility across a wide range of audiences. Regardless of whether they were accessing it from a school computer or from the comfort of their mobile phones on the go, playing through the 'Diamond Designer' experience should feel just as good.

We also provided a Google Analytics service on top of this so that the Malay Heritage Center could gather insights and data for future initiatives that involved online interactive experiences, as well as understanding the usage patterns of their target audience.

The Aftermath

Deployment of the project was smooth, and we are continually collecting data for the Malay Heritage Center, providing valuable data points to inform their future endeavours in digital engagement. The project's response has been positive, and seeing as this is a continuation from our other projects with MHC, we believe that our strong partnership to provide online edutainment will continue to grow.

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