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Ministry of Education

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Ministry of Education

What Needed Solving


During the time of Covid-19, MOE wanted to create a learning module for their digital Student Learning Space (SLS) platform, specifically for Primary 4 and 5 students, to educate them on actions to take in the event of a terrorist attack. 


A secondary key objective was to also introduce the use of the SG Secure App to the students in a fun and understandable way. 


Our Role


Complete with audio narration and video integration, we came up with a choose-your-own adventure interactive experience that told a story of Adam and his mum on their day out at the supermarket, when terror suddenly strikes. 


Users had to help Adam make decisions throughout the story to get him out of a sticky situation. Within the interactive experience, we placed key activities such as a breathing exercise to teach students how to remain calm in such situations.


We built this HTML5/CSS/JS application to be desktop, tablet, and mobile-friendly. It was also modified to be integrated with MOE’s Learning Management System (LMS), and we worked closely with client-side developers for integration of the application.


The Aftermath


The project successfully launched without a hitch, and was positively received from the users. We also managed to achieve the secondary objective of familiarising students with the SG Secure app through one of the interactive exercises which simulated making a report as though they were on the SG Secure app. 

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