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WSG Your Business Journey

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WSG Your Business Journey

What Needed Solving

With so many initiatives and programs that Workforce Singapore (WSG) has, they were looking for an interactive portal that could display that information with a strong user experience. More than that, they wanted to find a way to incentivise users to engage with them and find out more about WSG's capabilities and provide the right kind of help for each individual. This sparked off our role into building 'Your Business Journey'.

Our Role

This project had a lot of moving parts, and had specific requirements when it come to user experience. First and foremost, we built a 3D interactive map that could house all the information, initiatives, and programs into different landmarks on the map. The idea here was that users could experience a visual representation of the various opportunities WSG had to offer. Users would choose a car avatar at the start of their journey, and it would move them to and from the various landmarks to read, watch videos, or take a survey.

Next. we had to build a 'guided tour' for users to go along and learn about WSG's initiatives. Depending on their user profile and business needs, the guided tour would direct them to a specific user journey. This was designed in order to help users filter down to the most relevant sections of this 3D map that was housing a plethora of information.

Lastly, we built analytics into 'Your Business Journey', allowing us to gather better data insights into the users. 

The Aftermath

With the project published, we continue to gather analytics and provide WSG with more data on their target user behaviour. Insights allow them to better cater to their audience needs, and through this interactive online platform, we've managed to reach the masses and showcase their key messages in a way that wasn't overwhelming.

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