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PA Merdeka Generation

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PA Merdeka Generation

What Needed Solving

People's Association (PA) faced a problem that many brands do too when trying to engage less tech-savvy generations. In this case, we were tasked with connecting the Merdeka Generation (those born in the 1950s) with key messages and visuals via Facebook. This was a complex situation for two reasons. Firstly, that many members of the Merdeka Generation didn't own or actively use their Facebook accounts. Secondly, even if they were active, they would be bombarded with tons of content.

Our Role

We began with a thorough media strategy that engaged not only the Merdeka Generation but also their children. Thinking out of the box, we identified the optimal contact points for their key messages and hosted webinars, and thus could increase the engagement and awareness of their events. 

Furthermore, we deployed a strong paid media strategy using detailed targeting to increase the sign-up rate for their webinars. To pair with this targeting strategy, we optimised their social media posts to match audiences in order to achieve a higher relevancy overall. For example, if a post was about digital education, it was in our best interest to target already tech-savvy members of the Merdeka Generation. 

The Aftermath

Through our joint efforts, engagement and sign-up rates for the PA organised webinars increased, fast-forwarding their fill-up capacity. Detailed targeting also helped us reduce the overall amount of ad spent necessary to carry out these efforts. We found that social media optimisation to match with audiences also resulted in higher engagement rates, relevancy, and click through rates.

What started as a 3-month trial working with the People's Association has now resulted in a long-standing partnership as we continue to provide our suite of digital marketing services. 

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