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Nature's Nutrition

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Nature's Nutrition

What Needed Solving


We took a journey with Nature’s Nutrition to explore the growth potential of a traditional business model such as theirs, where business and marketing efforts have largely revolved around offline channels. 


One of their key concerns was that they wanted to go digital, but were not too sure how to go about this, especially so because they did not have an in-house marketer to take the lead.


Our Role


We identified a data-driven strategy that could help Nature’s Nutrition kickstart their entry into the world of paid digital media. We studied their business to understand their distribution methods, physical presence and visual layouts in stores, and their customer personas. From there, we optimised their brand presence and crafted reliable and effective content pillars that allowed them to connect even better with their current audience.


The Aftermath


After the initial launch of paid digital media, we were able to gather further insights into their customers, and sharpened the content strategy even further.


We also created a new funnel to generate engagement, new web traffic, and from there retargeted customers to their eCommerce platforms. As a result, Nature's Nutrition was able to tap into new streams of revenue with their online channels.

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