We are serious
about having fun.

Here's our team of (fun)damentally awesome people
Elliot Lucas Marcell Tan
No stranger to the world of Social Media, Elliot started his career doing YouTube with a channel called Tree Potatoes, and now he's here to help businesses grow a strong, sustainable digital footprint
Co-founder / Creative Director
Choose your fighter
Jonathan Lee
Co-founder/ Digital Marketing Director
Jon is your resident digital marketing lead, taking you through the entire process from strategy to execution. Clients choose to work with him because he quote "can't run away from his own company" unquote. (true story)
Chong Ming En
Digital Marketing Manager
Marketing Enthusiast. Ming En spends most of his time researching/brainstorming new content ideas and setting up social campaigns. Proud author of "A Brief History Of TikTok And Its Rise To Popularity" (Google it).
Jasmine Toh
Head of Operations
Jasmine is a savvy and caring project manager that never fails to remind one to stay on the right track, be it in work or life. She also suffers from Lachanophobia, making her carnivorous by nature.
Darryl Lim
Digital Development Director
A weirdly chill programmer with talents that extend beyond codes. On a regular day at work, you’d likely find Darryl strumming a few chords of his ukulele and reciting random movie monologues.
Murnie Rasyiqah
Digital Marketing Executive
Always trying out the latest trends, Niera is your friendly marketing handygirl. She lives for the lols and will do anything for the vibes.
Julia Wee
Head of Art & Design
As the lead illustrator, Julia oversees and works with her team to translate ideas to their most efficient graphical forms. On the side, she is a full geek archetype! Anime, manga, movies, games, etc! You name it! She also makes designer toys in her free time.
Deborah Lea Gregory
Illustrator & Artist
Debbie is a self-taught artist that turns ideas and concepts into creative visuals. She enjoys games, sci-fi, magic and all things whimsical. She's also fascinated with pondering conversations about space and the unknown. When she's not doing any of those, she's probably entertaining her cat.
Soh Jin Wen
Illustrator & Artist
A single-tasking hermit who is an illustrator by heart and a designer by circumstance. In her free time she immerses herself in obscure fixations, neurotic overthinking and excessive daydreaming.
There's never a dull day with these people. This passage will elaborate more on the personality and character of the SS team, like how fun we are perhaps.
Our Core Values
Open Communication
Creative Collaboration
Grit & 
Keeping a social and professional workplace
There's never a dull day with these people. This passage will elaborate more on the personality and character of the SS team, like how fun we are perhaps.
We don't believe in ceilings
we believe in glass doors
Coffee's on us, let's hear 
what's on your mind.
Hey there, interested in having us on a project? Or do you simply want to chat about a service we provide? Let us know below, and we will get back to you in 2-3 working days.

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