Driving B2B sales is never an easy task, but it all starts with visibility. We wanted to get the word out and to showcase CraveFX's amazing works and capabilities. As a leading production house in Singapore, what we needed to do was put the good word out there that they were ready to rumble.
Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy
Paid Search
What we needed to solve
Our neighbours at CraveFX are known as one of the leading animation studios in Singapore, and they’ve experienced growth year-on-year since starting out. Being a market leader in their own right, they felt that it was finally time to pull the trigger and take their share of the paid search pie.

However, like many production houses in Singapore, they did not have a dedicated in-house marketing team to run these operations.
Our Role
We worked with CraveFX at both a strategic level and an operational level. Our expertise allowed us to jumpstart their paid search journey by planning an effective keyword strategy, proposing the user-experience of their landing page, and delivering industry insights through our data-driven process.

As their business exists in a highly technical field of knowledge, it was initially a challenge to plan the right keywords, but we took the time to perform in-depth market research as well as organise meet-ups with the founders to truly tackle what mattered to them the most.
The Aftermath
Our journey together resulted in coming up with a strategy that unlocked a new market for them and allowed for attribution of budget spent on this paid search. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, they managed to hold ground with the aid of our paid search strategy and bounced back even harder with the improving economic outlook.

Across the years of collaboration, we’ve grown into a trusted marketing partner, giving rise to many opportunities for collaboration such as hosting marketing workshops for their staff. Our goal is to impart them with the ability to ‘think like marketers’, giving them an edge in their respective fields.